About Us

The “Simulation and Capacity Analysis Users Group of Louisiana” (SimCap Louisiana) is a volunteer network of professionals, working across geographic and organizational boundaries, who have organized together to enhance the practice of traffic simulation and capacity analysis.

The inaugural meeting of SimCap Louisiana occurred Feb. 2018 in Baton Rouge, LA. Since then, we have been meeting on a quarterly basis for educational presentations and group discussions. SimCap Louisiana is still evolving and fully defining its role and structure. However, a Charter was drafted on Jul. 2018, establishing its Mission, Goals, and Objectives. The Charter provides the basic structure and outline to guide its current and future activities.


The Mission of SimCap Louisiana is to share information and experiences as to disseminate, promote, and develop guidance and best practices in the application of traffic simulation and capacity analysis tools, methods, and related practice areas.


The main Goals of SimCap Louisiana are to:
(1) Provide a forum for meaningful exchange of ideas, research, questions, and trends;
(2) Serve as a resource for practitioners and organizations by sharing experiences and developing guidance and best practices; and
(3) Advocate for consistency, reliability, and advances to the state-of-the-practice.


The main Objectives of SimCap Louisiana are to:
(1) Increase awareness of LADOTD initiatives, national activities and guidance, and the latest SimCap tools;
(2) Increase communication of LADOTD updates and activities;
(3) Provide a forum for sharing SimCap experiences (across organizations) and receiving feedback/answers to questions;
(4) Provide educational opportunities to learn of more appropriate and efficient ways of conducting SimCap analysis; and
(5) Become a mechanism to request education/training.